Rooms at Old Charlton

The house is built on four floor levels and has 26 single and 3 double bedrooms. All bedrooms are of a good size and have en-suite toilet facilities.

All the bedrooms are tastefully decorated and fully furnished but Residents are encouraged to bring personal possessions with them to help them feel more at home. Bedrooms vary in size from 10m2 to 17m2. Most bedrooms have magnificent views across the solent. 

There are 2 Lifts which access bedrooms on three floors.

Most bedrooms have locks and residents may retain their own key if they wish, with master key access being available in the event of an emergency.

There are three bathrooms in the home, one on each floor of the house, with the ground floor bathroom having a shower.

A speech call system operates throughout the home and each bedroom and en-suite has an emergency call bell linked to the speech call system so that residents can call for assistance should they require it.